A practical workshop on flipping your classroom

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A practical workshop on flipping your classroom


Ever wished you had more time in class to apply the theory, discuss real world examples, carry out experiments? A flipped classroom (theory at home and applications in class) frees up time to work on applications with your students, but also gives them more flexibility when learning the theory. We will go through each step in how to set up a flipped classroom. From creating an integrated flow between time in class and out of class, to making online videos and quizzes, and collecting information about students’ knowledge to build on it in class. I will use the example of my Principles of Macroeconomics course, but the method can be used in any field.


Flipped classrooms can be done using any Learning Management System. I will present a few tools I have used in combination with my university’s LMS.

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Dr. Henrietta Carbonel