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A TEDx event is a conference-like event organized around “ideas worth spreading”. It is designed to help communities, organizations and individuals to spark conversation and connection by spreading ideas in the form of short, powerful talks. Under the theme “Winning Solutions for the 21st Century”, nine speakers shared their passion on artificial intelligence, storytelling, the future of work, solar-powered cars, shaolin wisdom and sustainability. The first TEDxHochschuleLuzern event on May 2016 was sold out within 48 hours and livestreamed on Youtube.

Lehr- und Lernszenario

Project and event management


The organization of the first TEDxHochschuleLuzern event can be divided into four phases: Phase 1 - Initiation: In order to successfully initiate the project and get sponsors on board, it was necessary to create a convincing proposal, which included specific goals, a clear time schedule and a realistic budget. Moreover, potential topics and a possible theme for the event had to be brainstormed for the license application.

Phase 2 – Preparation: During the preparation phase, volunteers were recruited, key partners selected (e.g. cameraman, light technician, caterer, etc.) and a multi-channel marketing strategy was developed. Additionally, ticket sales were carried out and the event run down was planned. Simultaneously, speaker briefings, evaluations and coachings took place.

Phase 3 – Execution: On the event day itself, it was curial to coordinate all the different parties involved. Within a short period of time, the stage had to be constructed, the volunteers instructed and the speakers welcomed. A solid event day planning as well as effective communication during the show ultimately allowed for a smooth performance that convinced the audience.

Phase 4 – Review: After the event, feedback was gathered from all stakeholders, specifically the audience, speakers, sponsors and volunteers. Furthermore, key players were thanked and the key learnings documented.



Video: recordings, web meetings, coaching
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Lehr- und Lernszenario

Project and event management.


TEDx licensing procedures are very strict.


What made the TEDxHochschuleLuzern project successful? In the end, it was a mix of different factors coming together. However, one particularly important point was the excellent team work. A shared vision, the same quality standards and an open and honest communication allowed for an optimal collaboration. This in turn led to a good team spirit, a high degree of motivation and eventually the ability to convincingly promote the event to others and gain external support. Overall, this project provided the organizers with hands-on experience in the fields of event and project management.


Douglas MacKevett